SLJC Sisterhood Shabbat Celebrates Women in Sports
    By Judy Hippner

The  women’s sports movement began quietly in back road country towns  and crowded city apartment projects early in the 1920’s with the birth of girl babies that were destined to throw aside conventional lifestyles and careers as wife and mother to enter the sports arenas of the 1930’s, defying a world about to go to war and political leaders  ambitious to see them disappear in a plume  of toxic smoke.  These were the Jewish women  silver and gold medalists of the 1930’s Olympics and  it is these outstanding athletes that will be honored when the Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood holds its annual Sisterhood Shabbat on Saturday, March 17  at the Sun Lakes One Country Club at 10 AM. 

These heroes, in their bloomers, long skirts, baggy socks  and  barrettes  made the news in the pool, on the basketball court, on the track field, in the gym, and on the golf and tennis courts.  The service, under the chairmanship of Sandi Wiener and her committee of SaraRuth Rossow and Judy Hippner, will feature written biographies detailing the lives and accomplishments of these women, as well as  traditional and special Sabbath prayers and readings, and music from the choir, under the direction of Lana Oyer.  A brunch, that features a variety of salads as well as Jewish time-honored traditional foods,  will be served.  For information, please call SaraRuth at 883-1791 or Judy at 883- 9393.  To learn more about Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood, call Joyce at 802-4902.

A featured attraction will be centerpieces utilizing a variety of sports balls,  baseball bats, racquets, and clubs, creatively  arranged by the talented  SLJC Sisterhood designers Noreen Nadler and Shirley Shalett.  Each centerpiece will be highlighted by an actual photo of the athlete.

Sisterhood  Shabbat has come to be a major event in the lives of the congregation women. It is a time for women to come forward and embrace their religious heritage, their cultural history, and demonstrate to their friends and neighbors just how good life can be for a woman in Sun Lakes.  March 17 will be an opportunity for the women who participate in this service to cheer for their sisters who  dive into the pool,  throw a ball, come to the head of the line, race to the goal, and  finish first on the list.  

First Bar Mitzvah at Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation
- Jason Lane son of Amy , grandson of Lana Oyer, Choir Director of the
congregation (2004)

 First B'nei Mitzvah Adult Class of Sun Lakes Jewish

Back Row: Eleanor Miller, barbara Gordon, Marcia Weiner, Barbara Kaplan, Sandy Friedson, Anita Frindel, Diane Silverman, Carol Weiner, Fran Applebaum

Front Row: Mildred Niree, Blanche Kay, Litar Schiler, Rabbi Weiner, Glenda Warshaw, JoAnn Rubinstein, Rhonda Zaretz


Conversion Ceremony at the Congregation.  Pictured: Cantor Ronda Polesky, Convert
Kristen Chernyak, Rabbi Irwin Wiener

Pictured: Cantor Ronda Polesky, Rebetsin Sandi Wiener, Convert Kristen Chernyak,
Rabbi Irwin Wiener

Bat Mitzvah of Shayna Edson at the Congregation. 

                            Pictured: Dr. Saul Ginsberg, Cantor-Ronda Polesky, Bat Mitzvah-Shana Edson, Rabbi-Irwin Wiener, Dr. Seymoue Evans



An Evening Under the Sukkah
Oct 14, 2011

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Children of the East Valley Jewish Day School help us Celebrate Sukkot

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood President Joyce Spartonos (R) presents a check to George Macedon, executive director of Fans Across America Charitable Foundation.  Looking on are Sisterhood Advisor Flo Meisel and Martha Brown from the Chandler School District.


East Valley Jewish Day School  2012 Seder Service

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Today was unbelievably inspiring! I know I can speak for all of us from Sun Lakes Congregation. What a special privilege it was for us to be able to join the teachers and all the children at the school.  Just being there with them reflected the true meaning  of sharing the Seder.  We want to thank the East Valley Jewish Day School for their generosity and thank all the children, teachers and parents who worked so hard to make the day a very special one for us. 
Temple President Gail Dante


25th Anniversary Gala Dec 10, 2012

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The Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation makes a Donation

The Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation donated the proceeds from the 2011 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration to help fund the new Center for Holocaust Education and Human Dignity Center.


Pictured: Steve Tepper, Gail Dante, Rabbi Irwin Weiner, Sid Israel, Doris Codkind, Shirley Shalett
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