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Friends of Israel Committee


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Friends of Israel, SLJC is to raise awareness regarding Israel’s current status and needs through a variety of educational programs, written materials and events focused on the historical reviews, political perspectives and arts/culture to the congregation and the entire Sun Lakes community. This is accomplished by presenting three speakers events each year

After pursuing this course for some approximately three years the committee decided in 2016 to make Lone Soldiers in the IDF as an advocacy project which will meaningfully influence the future safety and welfare of the State of Israel as the Jewish homeland.

Topics of previous Presentations:

         Construction of the New Intel Building by Project Supervisor from Israel

         The historical right to the land of Israel by the Jewish people

         Ancient History of Jewish People

         The Lone Soldier program and American Jewish Youth

         The Birth-Right Missions

         The Book “One Moroccan Woman” by the author

         Is Anti-Israel sentiment the same as Antisemitism?

 “A Case for Israel- Updated” by a Former Director of ZOA

January 8, 2017- “The BDS Movement” by Shahar Edry- American Israel Council Jake Bennett, Past                       Phoenix ADL Director

March 26, 2017 – Is Israel a Jewish State or a State of Jews by Rabbi Michael Beyo CEO, East Valley JCC

October 29, 2017 - Action, Not Just Talk: Learn Concrete Strategies to Combat Media’s                   

Demonization of Israel and Jews by Ginette Weiner, Published Commentator and Activist

Lone Soldier Project

The Lone Soldier Project is sponsored by Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation. This social action project is managed by the congregation’s Friends of Israel Committee.

By way of explanation, Lone Soldiers refers to those young men and women, who come from all over the world and travel to Israel, to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF.) They serve alongside Israelis in the defense of their country.  Can you imagine what bravery this must take; to leave behind the comfort of home, family, friends and all that’s familiar to you, and travel thousands of miles in order to help ensure that Israel continues to exist!!

In this regard, Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation has decided to recognize the contributions of these committed young soldiers by sending them packages from home filled with items that they always need, such as toiletries, warm knitted hats, etc. Our Israeli Partner, Chayal el Chayal (Soldier to Soldier) will see to the delivery of our packages to them.

A donation of $25.00 will allow the Lone Soldier Project to send a gift of a Personal Care Package (travel size toiletries, socks and snacks) and a hand knitted hat, for cold weather assignments to active duty Lone Soldiers. Additional donations are being accepted to support the project and to identify previous Lone Soldiers in the State of Arizona and recognize them for their service.

Friends of Israel


The cowardly, precisely planned murder of Israeli civilians today is the most monstrous use of force imaginable. The timing is very specific.,1. just after the 50year anniversary of the Yom Kippur War,2. on a Shabbat and Holiday morning, and 3. at a time when Saudi Arabia may make a pact with Israel, with reduced demands for Palestinian concessions. Clearly the unprovoked attack reflects their lack of desire for peace, the extent of the Iranian influence to destroy Israel and their leader’s indifference to the personal safety of the citizens of Gaza.

As strong supporters of Israel we must express our solidarity with Israel, Jewish Homeland, clearly, loudly and publicly. Say prayers for the welfare and safety of our brother and sister residents of Israel and Kaddish for those who have been or will be killed during this war.




1.The Lone Soldier Project’s Annual Hanukkah Greeting Campaign has begun and I would like to offer you electronic opportunities to participate. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes

Today’s attack will heighten the stress experienced by Lone Soldiers, one-half of who are in combat units in the IDF. Some will be causalities. Knowing that they are fighting for all of us in the diaspora, is extremely important at this moment.

Our three lone soldier center partners in Israel provide a welcoming holiday experience for these soldiers who have nowhere else to go. Lone soldiers tell us that our messages energize them to return to their duty in the IDF and defend the Jewish Homeland, knowing that people from around the word appreciate the courageous efforts they are making to keep Israel secure.

Here are some ideas about what to write about: 


· A Happy Hanukkah greeting

· Anything that come from your heart

· Appreciation for their courage 

· A recognition of the sacrifices they are making  

· Any connection to the IDF or Israel or any personal Zionist feelings you may want to share

You can upload your message that we will convert to a Hanukkah Card and send it to Israel for distribution by following these directions. 


Visit to upload your greeting by tapping “Write a Letter or Upload Artwork”  Start your message with "Name"


Send your message in an email to

If you have any questions, please call me at 480-895-4660 or email me at


2. Save the date: February 5. 2024, 3 PM, Chapel Center, Alma Hernandez, Jewish Hispanic Arizona State Representative and strong Israel supporter. She will speak about her impressions from her many trips to Israel and her perception of the State collaboration and support for Israel


3. 20 GREATEST LIES ABOUT ISRAEL A Special Report by FLAME © Copyright 2023

This is excellent and get s t o the root causes of Anti-Israel attitudes around the world


4. Many people have asked me about the likelihood of an Israeli-Saudi agreement/pact.

I have been skeptical because of the apparent concession requirements with the Palestinians. This article paints a different picture

US-Saudi Defense Pact Tied to Israel Deal, Palestinian Demands Put Aside

The Palestinians could get some Israeli restrictions eased but such moves would fall short of their aspirations for a state. As with other Arab-Israeli deals forged over the decades, the Palestinian core demand for statehood would take a back seat, the three regional sources familiar with the talks said

by Reuters and Algemeiner Staff