The Sisterhood of Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation has been in existence for more than 25 years and, since its humble beginnings in 1986, continues to be a vital force in the community.

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood not only provides its members with an outstanding array of programs throughout the year (both educational and fun), but also donates thousands of dollars each year to various local charities, as well as to the Congregation itself. This is made possible through Sisterhood’s annual fund raising. The Sisterhood welcomes everyone to their meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 1:00 PM in the Chapel House in Sun Lakes. 

Sisterhood also delights in its “Toys From The Heart” program (click here for donation form). Instituted in 2004, and with the generous donations from its members and the community at large, we have been able to provide underprivileged children with gifts for the holidays. It’s a blessing that Sisterhood looks forward to accomplishing every year.

For a long time, Sisterhood was tossing around the idea of putting together a cookbook, and 2010, was the year it became a reality. A beautiful cookbook came hot off the presses in March and is available for sale at a cost of only $20.00. Much of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will also be donated to charity.

Please be sure to send in your check for $25 to renew your membership. Fill out the form by clicking here and mail it as soon as possible to Marsha Levine 3805 E County Down Rd, Chandler AZ 85240. Make sure that you fill out all of the requested information so that we may communicate with you efficiently.

Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood Is Looking For Few Good Women
If you like working with friendly, dedicated volunteers who focus on many local charities, both of a Jewish and non-denominational origin,
 in the Chandler area, Sun Lakes Jewish Congregation Sisterhood has a deal for you!  Come to one of our meetings and get to know the many women who for the past twenty-five years have made this organization a vital force in local Jewish life.  There is a need  for everyone from flower arrangers, decoration creators,  ticket takers, reservation and ticket coordinators, right up to those who want to chair major fundraisers or even have an eye for the presidency.  No job is too small and every member is appreciated and thanked.  Board meetings often include breakfast or lunch and end with a friendly visit for a coffee.  Regular meetings are held once a month from September through May  on Thursday at the Chapel Center at 1:00PM  with programs designed to educate, entertain, and inform.  New   members often find the person next to them knows their cousin… or grandmother… or schoolmate.  It’s called Jewish Geography  and it is fun!  But the only way to play is to come to a meeting and meet the other players.  Sisterhood provides an open door to the vibrant Jewish community of Sun Lakes.  To walk through that door, please call Carol Biales at 480-895-3168 or Janey Burnce at 480-895-4815. Click here for form